6 Foods You Should Never Get Delivered

Hey, food lovers! We all love how easy it is to order food to be brought to us, especially at the end of a long day when cooking seems like too much work. But before you hit the order button, let’s talk about some foods that are better when eaten at the restaurant. As a long-time foodie who often orders in, I’ve learned the hard way that some dishes just don’t move well. So, let’s talk about the top six things you should never order for delivery, so you don’t end up with bad food and can enjoy every bite.

Delicious Fried Foods

Crispy foods like fried chicken, tempura, and samosas may taste amazing right after they come out of the fryer, but the sad truth is that they lose their magic when they are delivered. Because the packaging traps steam and moisture, the crispness turns into a mushy mess. Instead of eating these tasty treats when they are mushy, go to the restaurant to enjoy them when they are at their crunchiest.

Fine rolls of sushi

Sushi is an art that is made with care using fresh ingredients and a lot of different tastes. But when it comes to delivery, the careful balance of flavors and textures can be thrown off. Sushi rolls often lose their shape, and the rice can get dry, which makes eating them less fun. To really enjoy the beauty of sushi, eat it at home or have it made fresh at the restaurant.

Pasta with a lot of creams

Creamy pasta dishes like Alfredo and Carbonara are comforting, but they don’t move well. During delivery, the creamy sauces tend to split or soak into the pasta, making a clumpy, unappetizing mess. If you want a rich pasta dish, the best place to get it is at a restaurant, where you can enjoy it at its creamiest.

Lovely Soufflés

Ah, the light, delicate soufflés that melt in your mouth! Sadly, they are known for being fluffy for only a short time. The trip from the restaurant to your door can take the shine off of these tasty treats. Soufflés are most magical when you eat them right away at a restaurant, where they are served fresh and at their highest point.

Dishes with Lots of Cheese

When they are hot and fresh, cheesy meals like gooey macaroni and cheese or stuffed crust pizzas are to die for. But while the cheese is being delivered, it can get hard and lose its gooey structure. If you like cheese like I do, save these meals for dining in or getting them to go so you can enjoy the gooey goodness.

Ice creams from far away

Let’s talk about ice creams with unusual tastes last. Even though they might sound good enough to order for delivery, they can melt and freeze again, which can cause ice crystals to form and change the taste and texture. For the best time, go to the ice cream shop and try those unusual tastes right away.


Food delivery is a great way to enjoy a variety of meals from the comfort of your own home, but there are some treats that are better enjoyed at a restaurant. If you choose delivery, you’re more likely to be disappointed by dishes that depend on textures, delicate balance, or quick service. So, the next time you want one of these six meals, you might want to go to a restaurant to get the best taste.


Can I heat these foods to make them taste new again?

Some of the tastes and textures can be brought back by reheating, but keep in mind that they might not be as good as when they were first made.

What if I want these foods to be brought to me?

If you have to have them delivered, try to order from a nearby place to cut down on the time it takes to get there.

Are there any meals that don’t count as creamy pasta?

Even if you order delivery, you can still enjoy pasta meals with chunky sauces or sauces that don’t rely too much on creaminess.

Can I ask the restaurant to serve these dishes in a different way?

Even though some restaurants might be able to handle special packaging, it’s hard to keep the original experience.

What are some other things I shouldn’t order for delivery?

it’s best to eat steamed dumplings, delicate pastries, and foods with crispy coatings right after they come out of the oven.

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