6-Theories and Predictions Regarding Season 5 of Yellowstone, Part 2

6 Fan Hypotheses & Predictions Concerning the Upcoming Episodes of Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2

Yellowstone Season 5 Fan Theories and Predictions, Part 2 of 6 [Part 2]

The first half of Yellowstone’s fifth season has been nothing short of riveting because to the never-ending drama, backstabbing, fighting, fun, and romance involving the Dutton family.

There is no doubt that the fifth season of the show is one of the most well-liked seasons. It was the most-watched television show in the United States, with more than 12 million people watching only the opening episode.

The story of the Dutton family, which is led by the family patriarch, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), and his three children who couldn’t be more dissimilar to one another, Beth (Kelly Reilly), Kayce (Luke Grimes), and Jamie (Wes Bentley), is surely a fascinating one.

Fans were dismayed when they learned that the following episode wouldn’t be released until later in the summer when the second part of season 5 will be made available. This information was disclosed in a video that was produced for the show’s official podcast.

Despite this, everyone is quite excited to find out what Taylor Sheridan, one of the co-creators of the program, has in store for us.

But we believe that we have an idea of what will take place. The following is a list of seven different events that could take place in the next six episodes of Yellowstone Season 5.

Jamie had the option of going to the train station

Jamie had the opportunity to go to the train station in the second part of the fifth season of Yellowstone. His adoptive father John refers to the train station as “the trash can for everyone who’s attacked us.”

Simply put, it’s the place where they bury the people they kill in order to avoid drawing too much notice from law enforcement officials like Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton), who is a law enforcement officer.

Who will get Jamie to the station to catch his train? The majority of his relatives are already upset with him since he is plotting to remove John from his position as governor of Montana and install another person in his stead.

The degree to which Beth despises him is demonstrated by the fact that she is the one who advises eliminating him in episode 8 of season 5 of the program.

“Dad, if there is a place where our adversaries go where no one ever finds out and they never come back, I think that’s where Jamie should go. That’s where our enemies go.” As she puts it.

Jamie’s life is in Rip’s hands.

Rip, who is portrayed by Cole Hauser and is married to Beth, is not the type of person who would hesitate to kill Jamie if he had a compelling justification for doing so. He has already demonstrated that for the sake of his wife, he is willing to go to any length.

There are multiple flashbacks that take place in the final episode of Yellowstone season 5, part 1, and they take us back to when Rip was a teenager and killed Beth’s “boy toy” merely because he said something sexual about her.

Rip has already given his word that he will remain faithful to the Duttons and the ranch. Just consider everything he might be ready to do for them now that he has the support of the governor.

Is Kayce attempting to take Rip’s life?

John and Beth don’t care for Jamie, but Kayce has a different perspective of his biological brother than John and Beth do. Throughout the course of the episode, he refers to the Harvard graduate as his brother on multiple occasions, although it is unclear whether or not he is aware that their parents are not the same.

Even if Jamie had been adopted and his biological father had plotted to kill John, Kayce would not be pleased with his passing regardless of the circumstances. Accordingly, he would feel let down if it proved out that his family was involved, as some fans on Reddit believe to be the case.

“Despite the fact that Kayce was not the one to give birth to Jamie, she has always considered him to be her brother. The last time they spoke, Kayce suggested to Jamie that he should continue to refer to him as that. It was Jamie’s father that placed the hit, although I believe only Beth is aware of that fact. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Beth will point the finger of guilt at Jamie, though. A comment was made by a user on Reddit.

Other Yellowstone viewers believe that Kayce’s love for Jamie is so strong that he would take his own life to protect him, particularly if it was discovered that Rip was the one who took Jamie’s life.

If Rip were to do it, Kacey would definitely end his life because they already have a frosty relationship with one another. There is a good chance that John wouldn’t care if Beth or Rip did it. Because he is just concerned with himself, none of his three children are currently a part of his life. This is because he only cares about himself. On Reddit, someone provided a response.

Someone else shared the following: “When Kayce and Jamie have appeared on TV together, they have repeatedly demonstrated that they love one another. It is very evident that they adore one another, particularly given the fact that they converse about one another when the other is not present. If Rip were to kill Jamie, Kayce would put an end to him.

The possibility exists for Jamie to improve his strength

Yellowstone fans will tell you that Jamie went through a transformation in the fifth season of the show. He is no longer the depressed son that we saw in earlier seasons, who was always trying to please his foster father and let Beth push him about. Instead, he has evolved into a more independent young man.

It’s possible that by the second half of the season, he’ll become more courageous and interested in himself.

It’s possible that his friendship with Sarah Atwood (played by Dawn Olivieri) has helped him understand his role in the Dutton family. As a result, he’s taken the decision to advocate for himself and do what’s in his own best interest, regardless of what Beth and John have to say about it.

It’s possible that this is the reason why he collaborates with Atwood to devise a plan to get rid of John so that he may become the new governor of Montana, and then goes ahead and executes that plan.

Also, in episode 8 of season 5, Jamie doesn’t back down when Beth confronts him with his plot against their father and tries to blackmail him. Instead, he makes a solemn oath to bring ruin upon John and the entire ranch, and it is through this that his sister learns about the railroad station.

Wes Bentley mentioned in an interview with USA Today that his character, Jamie, experiences something he has never had before: a taste of power. At that moment in the story, Jamie gets a taste of power.

“It was a great feeling for Jamie to know that he has the upper hand and is stronger than her instead of being afraid of her,” Bentley said. “It was a great feeling for Jamie to know that he has the upper hand and is stronger than her.”

At the conclusion of the program, Jamie entertains the idea of employing a hit man to eliminate Beth before she takes her own life. The old Jamie was at peace with the idea of passing away.

Jamie is vulnerable to a betrayal by Atwood.

The new Jamie is more sure of who he is and can see how he can contribute to Atwood’s life. However, the Yellowstone Twitter community believes that he would be making a significant error in trusting his sweetheart. In the second segment of the fifth season, he will learn that his lover has been playing him all along, and as a result, he will give up all hope and all confidence.

“Jamie is the most obnoxious character on the show. He has complete faith in Sarah and believes that she genuinely cares about him. Her ONE and ONLY objective is to bring the Dutton family to pieces for Caroline!! This was a tweet that was written by a Yellowstone enthusiast.

In actuality, Atwood went for Jamie because the CEO of Market Equities, played by Jacki Weaver’s character Caroline Warner, hired her to get rid of the Duttons.

She believed at the time that he was the weakest link in the family, and it appears that she may have been correct in her assessment. The fact that the Dutton empire is now crumbling demonstrates how skilled she is in her field of work.

Because he hasn’t showed much love for any of the other women on the program, Jamie is going to be shocked and saddened when he learns that Atwood merely used him as a “assignment.” This is especially true considering how little affection he has shown for any of the other women.

There is a possibility that John will find himself in a terrible predicament.

Yellowstone season 5 has gotten off to a smooth start for John Dutton, and this is especially true now that he is the governor of Montana and doesn’t have to spend as much time on the work as he did before.

The patriarch of the Dutton family and his ranch are currently experiencing some difficulties, though, so the upcoming six episodes may be challenging. Because of this,

Jamie has decided that she needs to get rid of him.

To begin, John has lost the support of his adopted son Jamie, who now despises his adoptive father. John invested a lot of time and effort in transforming Jamie into a tool that he could utilize and keep under his control.

In the second half of Yellowstone season 5, Jamie devised a plot to remove John from office. If Jamie’s scheme was successful, John would lose the power he had recently won. It is important to keep in mind that despite the fact that he despises his position as governor of Montana, it is extremely difficult to remove him from office.

Therefore, the Duttons will be vulnerable in the absence of John’s influence, and it is impossible to predict which of their many adversaries would strike first.

Even if old Dutton continues to run things, John and Jamie’s friendship will change significantly throughout the course of their lives.

In episode 5, the governor responds to his assistant Clara Brewer’s (Lilli Kay) question over whether or not Kayce is his youngest son by stating, “That’s my only son, Clara.” This indicates that he does not consider Jamie to be his child any longer.

It appears that some of the cattle at Yellowstone Ranch are ill.

John will have to deal with the repercussions of Brucellosis on his cattle in the following section of Yellowstone season 5, which will take place in Yellowstone.

At the beginning of the show, he is forced to drive the sick cattle all the way to Texas. After some time has passed, he reveals to Beth that the ongoing care of the animals in the south will cost him $1.4 million each month.

Because he lacks the necessary funds, it’s possible that he’ll have to take out a loan, which might prove challenging if he is ousted from his position as governor.

“Dead Wolves” is the name of the second episode.

In the remaining episodes of season 5, John will be forced to deal with the wolves in Yellowstone Park that the bunkhouse lads slaughtered because Rip instructed them to do so in episode 2.

In the eighth episode, the environmental organization Wolf Watch issues a press release that gives the impression that Yellowstone Ranch has been killing the wolves in the park.

Keep in mind that the people of Montana have a soft spot for wolves. According to Ryan (Ian Bohen), they’ve even created Facebook sites for the two of them.

The question now is, what will occur when people learn that the animals were murdered on the territory owned by the governor? This infraction will result in Jamie’s termination from the company if the suspension does not.

If John wanted to, he could go out with Governor Perry instead of Summer.

In spite of the fact that John Dutton is also seeing Summer Higgins on the side, he and Governor Lyelle Perry have been becoming closer to one another over the course of the last few episodes.

Since Summer was released from jail and placed under house arrest in the Dutton residence, she is forced to spend a significant amount of time with John.

They show that they aren’t scared to display how much they like each other in the seventh episode of the fifth season, which takes place at the county fair and has them locking lips with each other.

Summer is also curious about what it means to be a rancher and what John does, which indicates that she may want to be a part of his life for the foreseeable future.

Even though Summer and John’s daughter Beth get into frequent arguments, John still wants Summer to be a part of his life. It would appear that John either enjoys having a younger and more beautiful lady around for pleasure or has a plan to leverage her interest in the environment to his and the ranch’s advantage in the near future. One possibility is that John enjoys having the younger woman around.

Even though it’s obvious that John has feelings for Summer, many people believe that Governor Perry would be a better option for John in the long run.

Many people believe that because John has feelings for Governor Perry, who is a far better fit for him, Summer will eventually win John’s love and convince him to abandon his relationship with Perry.

There is the possibility that Kayce’s family will relocate to the Main Yellowstone Homestead.

Yellowstone Ranch is not something that has ever intrigued Kayce, despite the fact that he is a cowboy at heart.

In the sixth episode, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) breaks the news to Summer that her husband has changed his mind about inheriting the land once the Duttons move to the mountains.

“After that, I got married to the ranch’s heir, and now the heir has changed his mind about wanting the ranch,” she said. It was Monica who told me.

Since John and Kayce haven’t been very close for a very long time, it makes sense that John would like to spend as little time as possible at the ranch. However, when the show returns this summer, it’s possible that he’ll be assisting his father, John, in running it. Because of this, his family would be able to spend more time working the farm.

In the eighth episode of Season 5, John asks Monica to ask Kayce to manage the ranch while he is in Helena. John will be there for the duration of the episode. They need to pitch in to make sure that everything is in working order because Tate is going to take over the business soon.

Monica reveals to Kayce that his father has expressed an interest in them relocating to the ranch. He is giving it some thought so that they can relocate there.

Because Monica wants to give it another go, there is a possibility that they will have more than one child.

It’s possible that Carter will meet his first girlfriend

In the sixth episode of the fifth season of Yellowstone, we were introduced to Halie, the girl whom Carter (Finn Little) likes.

In the remaining six episodes of the most current season of the show, she may wind up becoming the young man’s first girlfriend.

In the October 2022 issue of Entertainment Weekly, the publication stated that Gottesman’s Yellowstone figure is particularly significant to Carter’s development.

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