Beautiful High School Girl Everyone Stared at During Lunch

A Young Lady in High School Whose Charming Appearance Caused All of Her Peers and Teachers to Gawk at Her During Lunch

Se Eun, a member of STAYC known for her natural beauty

She actually has a humorous attitude, despite the stylish impression she projects.

STAYC member Se Eun is making her comeback with the third mini-album, titled TEENFRESH Natural Beauty.

She actually has a humorous attitude, despite the stylish impression she projects.

TEENFRESH is back with their third mini-album this time around.
Despite this, Se Eun had a difficult time expressing herself when she was younger and lacked self-assurance. Because she had such a submissive attitude, she would tell others that she wanted to become a teacher or a public servant, but she would keep her ambition of being a singer to herself. She expressed her desire to become a teacher or a public servant in front of other people.

After being discovered by KIANA ENTERTAINMENT, a talent agency that focuses on representing young actors, she made her debut in the entertainment industry in the year 2015.

She starred in videos for the diabetes awareness campaign “Mother’s Time,” adolescent suicide prevention education material “Puberty,” and the online play Shining Land by Tooniverse. She was also the model for MiraeN textbooks and promotions for Ssen Mathematics. She participated in a variety of commercials.

She was a trainee while she was in middle school, according to what her classmates said, and her schoolmates couldn’t help but gaze at her during lunchtime as word went across the school that she had been a trainee.

Her graduation portrait turned out to be so stunning that it quickly rose to the top of the popularity charts, despite the fact that she slept in late on the day of the shoot and was unprepared.

When Se Eun signed with Play M Entertainment, she immediately began her formal training to become an idol trainee. During that period, she worked out with the other girls who were a part of the female group Weeekly; nevertheless, she was not chosen for the band’s lineup. After some time, she made the transition to HIGHUP ENTERTAINMENT and made her debut with STAYC.

She is the sub-vocalist for STAYC, and she is known for her fox-like looks, fair complexion that is the same color as white walls, and dreamy voice tone. She has earned a lot of attention for these qualities.

She is the humorous character of the group, despite the fact that she maintains a stoic and reserved exterior, which belies her eccentric and one-of-a-kind nature.
TEENFRESH is the name of the band STAYC’s upcoming third mini-album and their return to the music scene.

HIGHUP ENTERTAINMENT has stated that “If the previous album ‘Teddy Bear’ was like grape-flavored soda, then this album will give you the positive energy of orange-flavored soda.” They ratcheted up our anticipation for the upcoming release.

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