Dolly Parton’s Retirement Strategy Is Truly Horrifying

Dolly Parton, who is 77, doesn’t plan to stop working any time soon. In November 2023, the person who holds ten Guinness World Records will release her 49th studio record, called Rockstar.

Even though her husband of 57 years doesn’t like country music, she has worked in the music business for 60 years. Parton recently said that she had sad thoughts about quitting, which was good news for her many fans who think she is a saint.

The singer of “Jolene” has also talked about her many future projects, such as her ongoing charity work, which helped pay for research on the Moderna Covid vaccine. Here’s a look at her plans to “drop dead on stage” as a job.

Why did Dolly Parton stop going out on tour?

When asked in 2022 if she could see herself going on tour again, Parton said she was done. She told Pollstar, “I don’t think I’ll ever tour again, but I know I’ll do special shows here and there every now and then.” “You could do a bunch of shows over a long weekend or just a few at an event. But I don’t want to go on a full-fledged trip anymore. I’ve been doing that all my life, and it takes a lot of time and effort.”

She said that she wanted “to stay a little closer to home with my husband,” adding that they were getting older and she didn’t want to be gone for four or five weeks at a time. Something might take place. If I were gone and someone needed me, I would not feel right about that. Or, if someone at home got sick and needed me, I would feel bad if I had to leave a tour and leave the people behind.

Parton also said that she can still talk to her friends through the Internet. “In this high-tech world, you can be right there with your friends, so I never feel far away from them. “Special shows can be done in special ways,” she said. “Some of that is something I’ll do.”

“But you have to work hard for weeks to put together a great new show or tour that they haven’t seen before. When it comes to booking times and everything else, planning a tour takes months. Then you have to leave for all that time as well. It’s more complicated than people think.”

What Did Dolly Parton Say About Leaving Show Business?

The former 9 to 5 star recently talked about her plans for retirement on Greatest Hits Radio. She said in the interview, “I would never retire.” “I’ll just die on stage in the middle of a song, hopefully, one I wrote,” he said.

Parton said that she is “not the type to sit around and do nothing,” but she is willing to cut a few hours off her work schedule. “As long as I’m able to work, my health is good, and my husband is good,” she said. “I mean, that’s the only thing that would ever make me slow down or stop… But for now, I’m going to make the most of things while they’re good.”

Parton said that she has “new dreams every day,” which makes her want to keep working. I have many hopes and dreams. I’ve always thought that if you wanted your dreams to come true and were lucky enough to have that happen, you had to be responsible because you had to keep the dream living. And each dream kind of gives birth to another.”

How much money will Dolly Parton have in 2023?

Forbes’s new list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women puts Parton at number 59. She has the same amount of money as Reese Witherspoon, who also has $440 million. The magazine said before that the singer’s $150 million song catalog makes up one-third of her net worth.

She gets between $6 million and $8 million in royalties every year because she still owns the writing rights to most of her songs. Whitney Houston’s version of I Will Always Love You earned her $10 million in earnings, which she used to build offices in a Black neighborhood in Nashville.

“It was just off the beaten road from 16th Avenue, so I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to buy this place.’ The whole strip mall was there. “I thought, ‘This is the perfect place for me to be, considering it was Whitney,'” she told Andy Cohen.

“All I could think was, ‘This is great. “I’ll be down here with her people, who are also my people,” she said. “So, I’m so glad I spent all that money on a complex. “This is the house that Whitney built,” I think.

The woman who started Dollywood keeps adding to her wealth by “just working on all kinds of things” these days. In an exclusive chat with Wate, she said, “I’m very excited right now because I’m working on my first rock and roll album, which will come out in the fall.” “There are a lot of famous singers and songwriters on that. So I’ve been looking forward to that.”

She is also working on a movie and other projects that have to do with Dollywood. “I’m making a movie of Run, Rose, Run, a book that James Patterson and I wrote together. We turned that into a movie. So I’m working on a lot of great projects,” she went on.

“I’ll be a busy girl, and so will everyone else here at Dollywood. We have a lot of great plans for the coming year. We think about what will happen in the next year all year long. So I’m done eating. My plate is full to the brim.”

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