Dune 2 Movie : IMAX CEO denies 2024 film delay rumor

According to the CEO of IMAX, the rumor that the production of Dune 2 will be put on hold until 2024 is not true.

Those who are concerned that there would be a Dune-shaped void in theaters later this year need not be alarmed, as it appears that their concerns are unfounded.

However, a recent source suggested that it could likely be delayed because of the ongoing actors’ strike in Hollywood, so the release date of the sequel to the hit film from 2021 is presently set for November.

Actors have been on strike for two weeks now after their union, which has 160,000 members, voted to join the strike authors. The writers are fighting for better pay and assurances that they will not lose jobs to artificial intelligence (AI), among other demands. The vote to join the strike came after the union opted to join the strike of striking writers.

Actors will abstain from participating in the marketing of upcoming films until an agreement can be struck with the studios. According to a story published by Deadline, this is the reason why Legendary Pictures is contemplating delaying the release of Dune: Part Two from November 3 to an undisclosed date in 2024 before the company launches its next wave of marketing in September.

On the other hand, during an IMAX earnings call that took place on Wednesday (26 July), a transcript of which has since been made available online, very serious questions were raised about the veracity of this claim.

Richard Gelfond, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, stated that the studio heads have “certainly told me that article is not true,” and he added, “I feel quite strongly that it is not going to move.”

Gelfond made the supposition that the director of the picture, Denis Villeneuve, would be reluctant to throw away the money that has already been spent on the marketing campaign for the movie, which Gelfond described as being “out of the gate.” He recognized that a delay would be down to the incapacity of the film’s major stars, Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, to promote the film, but he warned that it would be hazardous to miss what will be an exclusive six-week run on IMAX screens this November.

“With no disrespect intended toward Timothée Chalamet, are you going to be able to make up for losing the six-week IMAX release?” Gelfond asked. “Are you going to be profitable after taking into account the cost of capital and carrying it for a year? Are you going to transfer it to an unknown year when you have no idea what is going to be pitted against you when they practically have no competition right now in the marketplace? It just doesn’t make any sense at all.”

Gelfond stated that if Dune Part Two was delayed, “there’s another great movie coming out” that would take its place. He disclosed that the sequel to Captain Marvel, titled The Marvels, is now impossible to screen in IMAX theaters due to the obligations that the firm has made to Dune.

“If Dune gets moved, we will just switch over to The Marvels, and having a Marvel movie as a backup is not the worst position to be in the world,” the producer said. “Dune is our first priority.” Regarding Dune, though, I am of the opinion that it is quite improbable that it will shift. The Independent has reached out to Warner Bros. Pictures to inquire about their position.

After only appearing “in dreams” in the first film, Zendaya gave her fans assurances that she would have a greater role in Dune: Part Two when she debuted the teaser for the film earlier this year at CinemaCon. Zendaya was introducing the film.

The director, Denis Villeneuve, referred to the upcoming film as “an epic war movie” and “much more dense.”Austin Butler, who plays Elvis in the film, has undergone a significant alteration for the part, and Florence Pugh, who will play Princess Corrino, is also starring in the film.

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