Jennifer Lopez’s tuxedo-inspired nails are the best summer manicure idea ever

Every day, there’s a new nail style you should know about. This time, it’s tuxedo nails’ turn. Tom Bachik, a famous nail artist, showed them off on his Instagram grid.

Before you start to imagine a tiny bow tie and buttons drawn down the middle of your nails (which, to be fair, do come up when you google the trend), Bachik’s version is inspired by the black and white colors of a white shirt and tailored jacket. But the form is made to look much more sleek.

On July 26, the manicurist posted an old photo of a manicure that was inspired by one of his famous clients, Jennifer Lopez. In the split shot, one half of the picture showed J.Lo in a black-and-white swimsuit. The other picture showed a monochrome nail pattern that Bachik made to go with the first one. He changed up the classic French tip by painting the base black instead of pink and making the white tip go all the way down the nail for more drama.

The manicure looks great with Jen’s black-and-white swimsuit, but it also looks great with a tuxedo for an evening out. Lopez has also been known to wear a tux, which is only right.

Jennifer Lopez's tuxedo-inspired nails are the best summer manicure idea ever

The look goes well with any black-and-white outfit, like tailored black pants and a white T-shirt, or a black midi-dress. And since the colors make a neutral manicure, they won’t mix with bolder, more colorful clothes either. You can’t really go wrong.

Bachik posted a picture of a black-and-white tuxedo manicure he did for another celebrity client, Camila Cabello, on July 27 with the caption “French Tuxedo.” Bachik took this pattern and split the nail in half down the middle. On one half, he made a traditional French tip, and the whole length of the other half was black.

We love trends that can be changed up a bit, so we can’t wait to see how Bachik will change up tuxedo nails next.

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