Kevin Costner’s Wife Christine Moves Out Temporary Solution

Christine Costner, who is no longer married to Kevin Costner, moves out of their home: “This is a short-term fix”

A judge had already said that Christine had until the end of the month to leave the home she shared with Costner for 18 years. Christine, Kevin Costner’s ex-wife, is finally moving away.

On Friday, a day after Christine, 49, was seen running errands in Montecito, California, moving trucks were seen leaving the $145 million Santa Barbara compound she has shared with Costner, 68, and their children for the past 18 years, according to photos from Page Six and other news outlets.

“Christine is leaving the family house as advised by the prenup,” a source tells “She will stay in a smaller house on the property that has been used as a staff quarter.”

“This is a temporary solution,” the insider says. “She’s still looking for a new place to live. She is staying in the area so that she doesn’t mess up the lives of the kids. In the fall, they will go back to school with their friends.

“Christine is doing her best to keep things as normal as she can. The kids are all she cares about,”

Kevin Costner's Wife Christine Moves Out Temporary Solution

Christine has to move out of the house by Monday, July 31, because a judge told her to do so earlier this month. The moving truck was seen a few days before that deadline.

Christine and Costner are going through a difficult divorce. At first, Christine asked to have until August 31 to move out if a child-support deal was made. The star of Yellowstone asked her to leave by July 13. Friday, PEOPLE asked Christine’s lawyer for a comment, but the lawyer didn’t answer right away. According to court documents, on July 5, Judge Thomas Anderele decided that Christine (formerly Baumgartner) would have to leave the home she shares with Costner by the end of July.

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