Kevin Spacey’s uncertain movie comeback

Kevin Spacey is due in a London court on Wednesday to answer for sexual assault charges made by four men who have not been named.

He would much rather be in Hollywood, no question about it.

Spacey told Germany’s ZEIT magazine earlier this month, “I know there are a lot of people ready to hire me as soon as I am cleared of these charges in London.” “As soon as that happens, they’ll be ready to go.”

But sources in the film business told The Post that they aren’t sure Spacey will be welcomed back with open arms even if he is found not guilty.

“I can’t imagine anyone hiring him,” a Hollywood movie producer told The Post. “I don’t know if he did what they say he did. Is he wrong? I’m not sure. He is a good actress, but he has such a bad reputation.

“If he is guilty of a crime, he should never work again; if he is innocent, I feel bad for the guy,” the executive said. “But in Hollywood’s eyes, it would be better if you didn’t hire Kevin Spacey.

“It will be hard for him to get back into the big business, but he might be able to do B-movies. In fact, two low-budget movies starring Kevin Spacey are set to come out in August.

One is the British movie “Control,” in which a government official’s self-driving car is taken over from afar while she is driving it. Spacey is the voice of the bomber without a body.

Gene Fallaize, a director from the UK, wrote the part for Spacey.

Fallaize told The Post, “I thought that having him do a voiceover was the only way to get him as an actor.” “He can do it from any place on Earth. People on set have ideas about what you can do. What the bigwigs at the studio see as a problem, Fallaize sees as an advantage. “The movie might have disappeared into thin air if we had cast someone else,” he said. “There’s also a morbid interest in what the guy from “House of Cards” is doing now.”

The second movie, “Peter Five Eight,” is set to come out the same month. Rebecca DeMornay will play a small-town real estate agent in that movie. Spacey is a charming private eye who comes to town to find out more about her for his mysterious boss.

The movie was made in America, and the director, Michael Zaiko Hall, said that it would have been hard to get Spacey to star in his noir-like thriller before he got into trouble.

“At this price, I wouldn’t normally be able to hire a double Oscar winner,” he told The Post. “Some people will dislike the movie because of how they feel about Kevin. But we thought Kevin was the right Peter, so we decided to take some of the bad attention. Kevin was on set on time, ready, and full of ideas.

By the end of the play, he and Rebecca were great friends who traded small books with each other. Spacey had already rejected the charges against him, which involved four men in the UK and were said to have happened between 2001 and 2013. Two of the guys say that Spacey slept with them without their permission. From 2004 to 2015, the actor was the artistic head of London’s Old Vic Theatre. He still has a home in the city.

Last year, a New York jury decided that Spacey did not molest “Rent” actor Anthony Rapp in the 1980s. This was one of several similar claims that were made against the actor, all of which were rejected. In 2019, the guy who had sued Spacey three years earlier for sexually assaulting him dropped his case against the actor.

“As soon as someone looks into it, it all falls apart,” Spacey told Zeit. “That’s what happened at the Rapp trial, and that’s what will happen in this case.”

But as the sexual attack claims piled up, Spacey lost TV and movie roles, and his publicist, manager, and agent all dropped him. Now, a Hollywood crisis manager said about Spacey to The Post, “There are chances to reach some groups, but he’s at the bottom with a very low ceiling. The good news is limited. It doesn’t help that he isn’t sorry and that he made a creepy video.”

Between 2018 and 2020, Spacey put out three strange Christmas-themed movies. He played his “House of Cards” character Frank Underwood in all three, and in the last one, he said, “Listen, a lot of people have called out to me this past year and told me about their own struggles. And the only reason I’ve been able to be there for them is because of my own problems.”

One veteran director said he doesn’t think big Hollywood studios will hire Spacey, but he still thinks the actor has choices besides making small movies in the United States.

“Even if you get kicked out of Hollywood, you can still work in Europe. “He’s an actor whose name and face are known all over the world,” the director said. “There might be a market for Kevin Spacey that has nothing to do with Hollywood, like Germany, France, or South America.”

In fact, earlier this year, Spacey played a part in the Italian movie “The Man Who Drew God.”At least one director in Hollywood whose films have a bit of a dark side would like Spacey to come back.

The director of “The Dark Side” told “The Post” that “He’s very talented.” “I would give anything to see him again. But … There’s a third rail in the way. Whether or not he is found guilty, this is the kind of thing that makes him dangerous.

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