Paramount+’s ‘Zoey 102’ Revival-Release Date & Cast

All the Details on Paramount+’s ‘Zoey 102’ Revival Film, Including Its Release Date and the Stars Who Will Be Appearing Again

Paramount+’s upcoming Zoey 102 comeback film promises to take viewers on a trip down memory lane.

The original series, which ran on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008, followed Jamie Lynn Spears’s character, Zoey Brooks, and Paul Butcher’s character, Dustin Brooks, as they found friends and adjusted to life at the fictitious Pacific Coast Academy. Success came quickly for the teen drama, which went on to win several accolades and an Emmy in 2005 for Outstanding Children’s Program.

After the series ended, many of the actors expressed their desire to see it return. Chase (Sean Flynn) and Michael (Christopher Massey) reunited to film a scene for the 10th anniversary of the show’s Time Capsule episode.

Chase was about to propose to his current girlfriend in the 2015 video that aired on Teen Nick when Michael stopped him to inform him what Zoey stated in her time capsule DVD. The story ended on a cliffhanger when Chase broke up with his fiancée and went in search of Zoey.

Who from the Orig2inal Cast of “Zoey” Will Appear in Season Two?

Jack Salvatore, Abby Wilde, Massey, Flynn, Matthew Underwood, and Spears will all be back. Newcomers Thomas Lennon, Owen Thiele, and Dean Geyer will complete out the cast.

Do Any of the Original Cast Members of ‘Zoey 101’ Not Plan to Appear in the Movie Reboot?

Victoria Justice, Paul Butcher, and Alexa Nikolas announced before the movie’s release that they would not be returning to their original series roles. Austin Butler, who played Zoey’s lover James, has said in the past that he was not called back for a second season.

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