Rumors Swirl-Are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Unhappy with Yellowstone Prequel?

There are rumors going around that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are unhappy with what happened with Yellowstone Prequel, but it is unclear whether or not these rumors are true.

The WGA writer’s strike and the SAG-AFTRA actor’s strike have halted the majority of television and film productions, but even before that, it was revealed that the Yellowstone franchise was in the midst of a chaotic crossroads, and it will be winding up with the conclusion of Season 5’s episode. As a result, nothing about television is normal right now.

Fans can still anticipate seeing potential spinoffs and prequels in the future, and there are rumors that 1883 actors Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been dissatisfied with the notion that there are no plans in place to bring James and Margaret Dutton back for another season of the show. This is the case despite the fact that fans can still anticipate seeing upcoming spinoffs and prequels in the future. But is that something that actually takes place, or is that simply some horsepucky?

When the first episode of 1883 aired for the first time in December 2021, the concept of Yellowstone’s expanding world was still a relatively new one. Initially, the season was intended to be a stand-alone installment that detailed the beginnings of the Dutton family in the Paradise Valley of Montana. And the fact that it only lasted a short time seemed to be double suggested on the flagship program itself; for example, a flashback during Season 4 explained to viewers how James passed away.

But now that Paramount+ and Paramount Network have worked with Taylor Sheridan to develop an entire industry for these programs, speculations have surfaced around the concept that McGraw and Hill are disgruntled about not having an opportunity to repeat their roles for a new season. These allegations are based on the assumption that McGraw and Hill are upset about not having a chance to reprise their parts for a new season.

The two legendary figures in country music are said to have been “fuming” after Sheridan allegedly denied their request to keep James and Margaret’s narrative going, as reported by RadarOnline. If such allegations were genuine, one could easily refer to Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s 1923 as a cause for concern, given that show was originally initially set up as a one-and-done season, but those plans were immediately changed after it became evident that the two A-list actors were interested in returning for more than one season.

Following the first article about their claimed discontent, a representative for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill stated that the reports are “not even remotely accurate,” which would more or less fit with what McGraw has mentioned in the past about potentially returning as James Dutton. Specifically, he wouldn’t immediately say no, but that they hit so many genre and story beats in the debut season that he doesn’t know where a second chapter would go in order to remain as interesting as the first one.

The assertion made by the spokesman was refuted, however, by RadarOnline, which stated that sources close to the Grammy-winning duo claimed that they had, in fact, felt slighted by the notion that 1923’s run would continue contingent on who is heading up the call sheet. This is probably not something that would be assisted by learning how astronomically expensive the production of the prequel’s first season was.

It is important to remember that McGraw and Hill’s rumored emotions about the limited nature of 1883 should be taken with a grain of salt. However, the prequel’s more recent ratings success via its full linear run on Paramount Network has proven that fans will watch through any channel they can get their eyeballs on. Therefore, it is feasible that they and other cast members whose characters survived the emotionally draining conclusion of the first season may have more confidence in the show’s future now than they would have had when it first became available on streaming services.

Fans who have subscriptions to Paramount+ are able to revisit 1883 whenever they want, but in order to watch the Yellowstone sequence that depicts James’ apparent death, they will need a Peacock subscription.

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  1. Whether they’re unhappy or not, it needs at least one more season to fill in some story lines. Like how we’re they able to get all that land; Spenser’s birth are just a couple


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