Salma Hayek Reveals Her Skin’s Simple Secret-‘No Botox’

Salma Hayek Has a Straightforward Tip for Looking Younger Than She Is: “No Botox”

Kelly Ripa spoke candidly with the ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance star about her advice on aging gracefully.

Salma Hayek reportedly refuses to get Botox.

Kelly Ripa, the presenter of the Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, interviewed the 56-year-old Magic Mike: Last Dance actor on his thoughts on beauty and aging on Wednesday’s episode. At some point, the elephant in the room was asked directly: “Have you ever used Botox?”

Hayek was prompt in his response. The Oscar nominee emphatically stated, “No Botox!”

Ripa, 52, marveled over the actress’s beauty as she said she had never gotten the customary injections. The co-host of Live! with Kelly and Mark commenting, “You’re amazing.”
With, “I know what it is,” Hayek defined the issue. “Because of many physical and medical factors, I have evolved a peculiar form of meditation. It’s so entertaining that I can keep at it for hours without getting bored.

Also, Kelly Ripa reveals (exclusively) where on your body you should have Botox.

Hayek practices a style of meditation that may be distinct from that of the average white-noise listener. “It’s actually feeling the energy,” Hayek explained. Feelings and sensations of all kinds sway and dance around inside of you. So, I use a lot of frequency generators.
Hayek claims that meditation can reverse the effects of aging, while most others would disagree. “When I come out of the room, sometimes people would say, ‘Oh my gosh. Yet again, you look like a young woman of twenty,” she remarked.

Hayek even foretold the consequences if she abandoned her meditation practice. To paraphrase, “When I don’t do it for some time, guess what?” As the saying goes, “The face starts to drop and everything starts to drop.”

Hayek’s spouse, François-Henri Pinault, is the only one who won’t participate in her anti-aging meditation. “My husband doesn’t believe in it,” Hayek said candidly. “But when it’s really terrible, he’ll say, ‘Have you been doing your yoga?’ He refuses to use the term.

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In a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Hayek offered advice on how to hide gray hairs. “I put mascara on so you can’t see the white hair right now,” Hayek proudly announced.

“Because I’m too lazy to dye my hair,” she added, demonstrating the process of applying mascara to her eyelashes and brushing her hair back from her face.
Hayek may not have had Botox, but it hasn’t stopped her from flaunting her figure. The actress posed in a sauna wearing nothing but a towel back in June. With the caption, “Embracing the healing power of the sauna and sweating out the stress this #WorldWellbeingWeek,” she shared her experience in a steam room.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Ripa admitted to using Botox on herself, saying that the procedure is “good for your neck” and “stops your neck from aging.” She has undergone Botox injections in her armpits, and she claims that this “helps with sweating.”

Ripa emphasized that the most important factor in having successful Botox injections is to “get a good person to do it.”

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