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Fans can’t wait for Selling Sunset to come back, and the hit reality show is getting ready for its much-anticipated seventh season. This season looks like it will be the most exciting yet, with new people, more action, and luxurious homes.

New cast members give the show a new spark

In Season 7 of Selling Sunset, a lot of new people join The Oppenheim Group. Real estate agents with a lot of experience in the tough world of high-end property sales have joined the group. Get ready to meet these interesting people as they try to make it in the glitzy and competitive city of Los Angeles.

Taking the drama to new heights

Get ready for shocking fights, surprising partnerships, and emotional showdowns. Selling Sunset’s seventh season turns up the tension, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Tensions are high and personal relationships are being tested, so the cast has to find a way to balance their personal lives while closing million-dollar deals.

Properties that redefine what it means to be rich

Some of the most expensive homes in the world are on the Los Angeles real estate market, and Selling Sunset Season 7 shows them off. Step inside the beautiful homes, stylish penthouses, and lavish estates that are redefining what it means to live in luxury. Each listing is more amazing than the last, showing how luxurious the real estate in the city is.

Exclusive Sneak Peeks and Updates

People Home will keep you up to date with sneak peeks and news from the set of Selling Sunset Season 7. We have everything you need to know, from behind-the-scenes footage to talks with the actors.

Season 7 of Selling Sunset: Behind the Scenes

As Season 7 of Selling Sunset gets ready for its much-anticipated premiere, let’s take a look behind the show’s glitz and glamour to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes of Selling Sunset Season 7

Choosing New Stars

Adding new people to the group isn’t easy. The show’s makers carefully choose agents who not only have a strong background in real estate but also have the charisma and style that fits with Selling Sunset. Auditions, interviews, and screen tests are all used to find the right people to join the show’s lively cast.

The drama is real, but some scenes are set up.

Even though Selling Sunset is full of dramatic moments, not all of them come out of nowhere. Some scenes may be planned or set up to make the drama higher and make for more interesting TV. But the feelings and conflicts between the actors are real, which makes the show real and interesting to watch.

Juggling work and making movies

The people on Selling Sunset are not just reality TV stars; they are also famous real estate agents who work at The Oppenheim Group. It can be hard for them to balance their work obligations with the needs of shooting. Viewers get a look at the fast-paced, high-stakes world of luxury real estate, where finishing deals and going to showings are more important than drama.

The Beauty comes with a price

During shooting, the beautiful homes shown on the show often need extra care. Rich people want their privacy, and they may put limits on where and how the film group can work. This can make it hard for the production team to come up with ideas that catch the essence of these unique homes while still honoring the owners’ wishes.

Getting to know people on and off camera

The best thing about Selling Sunset is the connections between the actors. Even though they may have tense scenes together on TV, many of them are real friends in real life. Building these connections makes the agents feel more like a team and creates real chemistry between them.

Hours of filming and magic editing

In the world of reality TV, it’s common for each show to take hours to film. During the editing process, raw footage is turned into interesting plots that keep viewers interested. The editing team carefully chooses the most interesting and exciting parts of the story to make a compelling story.

Hiding the Truth

For fans to stay excited, it’s important to avoid spoilers and leaks. The cast and crew sign non-disclosure agreements to keep the story twists and outcomes secret until the episodes air.


The seventh season of Selling Sunset is going to be a show full of glitz, glamour, and high-stakes drama. With a new cast that adds new energy and intrigue and a focus on the high-end real estate market in Los Angeles, fans can expect a ride they won’t forget. Make sure to keep up with People Home for all the latest Selling Sunset Season 7 news, features, and exclusive updates. Whether you like real estate or reality TV, this season looks like it will be exciting and something you won’t want to miss. So, get ready to get lost in Selling Sunset Season 7’s world of expensive homes, exciting tensions, and irresistible charm.


When will Season 7 of Selling Sunset start?

The exact date that Season 7 of Selling Sunset will start has not been set yet. Keep an eye on People Home for the latest information on when the book will be out.

Who will be on the show for the seventh season?

Even though the official cast list for Season 7 of Selling Sunset hasn’t been released yet, fans can expect to see some familiar names from previous seasons as well as some new ones.

In Season 7, will there be any new properties?

Yes, Selling Sunset Season 7 will show a new set of Los Angeles’s most expensive homes. Get ready to be blown away by the beautiful houses for sale.

What kind of drama can we count on in Season 7?

Selling Sunset is known for having a lot of drama, and Season 7 won’t be any different. Expect big fights, unexpected turns, and emotional battles that will keep people interested.

Where can I watch Season 7 of Selling Sunset?

As with the other seasons, Selling Sunset Season 7 will likely be available to stream on a famous service like Netflix.

How many shows are there in Season 7?

No one knows yet how many shows Season 7 of Selling Sunset will have. In the past, seasons have usually had eight shows, but that could change for the next season.

Can I expect more parties and events that cost a lot of money in Season 7?

Selling Sunset is known for its fancy parties and events, and Season 7 is likely to have more of them that show how the group spends their free time.

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