‘Yellowstone’ Characters- Fastest Growing Boys’ Names, per Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration says that “Yellowstone” figures have the most popular names for boys. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the hit TV show “Yellowstone” inspired the two names for boys that grew the most in the U.S. last year.

SSA said that “Dutton” and “Kayce” are the top two names for boys that are growing the fastest in 2022. In the hit Paramount Network show, the Yellowstone ranch is owned by a fake family with the last name Dutton. John Dutton, the father, is played by Kevin Costner. Luke Grimes plays Kayce Dutton, his son on the show.

“Getting a Social Security number for a baby is one of the first things parents do. So, Social Security is the best place to find out what the most popular baby names are each year. Acting Social Security Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi said this.”And just like a name, Social Security is with you through life,” he said.

In 1997, SSA started to make a list of the most common baby names. The office says that the list shows how pop culture affects naming trends each year.

The “Yellowstone” series, which was made by a real-life rancher named Taylor Sheridan, has been a huge hit and now has three spin-off franchises. The show shows how the Dutton family has been trying to keep their ranch land in Montana since the early 1800s. Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” company already has the prequels “1883” and “1923,” and the spinoff “Bass Reeves” will be coming out soon.

The network said earlier this year that the original show with experienced actor Kevin Costner will not be brought back for a sixth season. But Paramount Media Networks President and CEO Chris McCarthy said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter last month that Matthew McConaughey is set to act in an extension series set in the “Yellowstone” universe.

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