Yellowstone fans upset with Emmy voters for snubbing Kevin Costner-led show

Fans of the show Yellowstone accuse voters of the Emmys of neglecting the show led by Kevin Costner in a “tone-deaf tradition.”

The fifth and final season of the Western drama series ‘Yellowstone’ will be the series’s final installment. Fans of the Western series “Yellowstone” lambasted the Emmy voters for disregarding the show for a second year in a row. “Yellowstone” airs on the Paramount Network.

Fans of “Yellowstone” are extremely disappointed to learn that the show was not even considered for a single Emmy consideration during this year’s award season. This year, “Succession” received the most nominations with 27, while “The Last of Us” followed closely behind with 24 nominations.

Other shows such as “The White Lotus”, “Jury Duty”, “Ted Lasso,” “Wednesday,” “Only Murders in the Building,” and “Fleishman is in Trouble” were also recognized with nominations.

The sole Emmy nomination that “Yellowstone” has ever received was in 2021, and it was for production design.

One user of Twitter stated, “Yes, the Emmys are stacked this year, but I still think it’s crazy that Yellowstone was ignored by the Emmys again.” Yellowstone is a television show about Yellowstone national park. According to the observations of one forum member, the Emmys “represent the pinnacle of the Hollywood bubble and the cultural divide.” “The continuing lack of worthy Taylor Sheridan shows (particularly Yellowstone and 1923) testifies to that, as does the twice-snubbed Harrison Ford. Not even for Shrinking? Stunned.”

“‘Yellowstone’ is disregarded for the second year in a row.” WTF? The Television Academy has once again continued its insensitive practice of excluding the popular rancher epic ‘Yellowstone’ from the list of nominees for the Emmy Awards. This practice has become a tradition at the Television Academy. The voters for the Emmys should be ashamed,” another person said.

One user stated that Yellowstone and Succession are very similar series in many ways; the only difference is that they are tailored to the preferences of different audiences. The Emmys, as with most other award events, are experiencing a decline in popularity, and disregarding shows that are successful with enormous audiences is not helping this trend. After five seasons, “Yellowstone” will come to an end; the series premiere is scheduled for the month of November at this time.

On the popular show, Kevin Costner plays the role of John Dutton. The popularity of the series resulted in the creation of several offshoot episodes, such as “1923” and “1883,” as well as a planned project starring Matthew McConaughey.Taylor Sheridan, one of the program’s co-creators, has stated that the unexpected cancellation does not “alter” what will happen to Kevin Costner’s character even if the show was not supposed to conclude after five seasons.

Sheridan was quoted as saying to The Hollywood Reporter that “it truncates the closure of his character.” “It doesn’t change it, but it shortens it,” the speaker said.

“Dutton wasn’t going to be around for the very end of ‘Yellowstone,'” he added. “Yellowstone” is a television show.

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