Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly’s Thriller “10×10” is a Massive Hit on Netflix UK

The riveting movie “10×10,” starring Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly, has recently taken over Netflix UK, attracting spectators with its gripping storyline and superb performances. In a recent development, this exciting film has taken over the streaming service.

Kelly Reilly’s reputation as a skilled actress who can play a wide variety of parts has been solidified as a result of the film, which has been the subject of major attention and praise ever since it was made available on the streaming service. An in-depth analysis of the success of “10×10” is presented here.

A rundown of the show “10×10”

Suzi Ewing is the director of the psychological thriller film “10×10,” which stars the outstanding Kelly Reilly in the lead role. “10×10” was written by Suzi Ewing. The film was initially made available to the public in and it has just recently made its way to the audience on Netflix UK, where it has been met with an extremely enthusiastically enthusiastic response. The television show “10×10” takes its audience on a frightening roller coaster ride as it explores the nuances of the human psyche and demonstrates Kelly Reilly’s extraordinary acting abilities.

Plot Synopsis

Cathy, played by Kelly Reilly, is the protagonist of the movie. She is a successful entrepreneur who appears to have everything she could want. However, her life takes a gloomy and ominous turn when she is kidnapped by an unknown man named Lewis. This event marks the beginning of her terrifying ordeal. The circumstances surrounding Cathy’s confinement in a room measuring 10 square feet by 10 square feet are not immediately clear. The audience is kept on the edge of their seats throughout the entirety of the film as they are led through a succession of dramatic twists and revelations that occur as the plot develops.

Exciting and Captivating Performance by Kelly Reilly

Kelly Reilly’s performance as Cathy has received a great deal of praise, not only from reviewers but also from members of the audience. The fact that she was able to portray such a wide range of feelings and vulnerabilities after being held captive for such an incomprehensible amount of time has garnered her a lot of praise. The captivating performance given by the Yellowstone star has unquestionably been a contributing factor to the success and popularity of the film on Netflix UK.

The Success of Netflix in the United Kingdom and Its Audience

The Netflix original series “10×10” has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers in the United Kingdom and has immediately become a trending topic on several social media platforms. The film’s amazing performance by Kelly Reilly, together with its riveting story, has helped drive it to the status of a big smash on the streaming service.


Because of Kelly Reilly’s mesmerizing acting and the film’s engrossing narrative, “10×10” has unquestionably emerged as one of the most popular offerings available on Netflix UK. Kelly Reilly’s reputation as a gifted and versatile actress continues to rise to new heights as viewers continue to shower their praise on this psychological thriller. In the realm of online streaming entertainment, the success of the show “10×10” reinforces the popularity of narratives that are both fascinating and suspenseful.


When was the first release of “10×10”?

When it was originally made available, “10×10” was released in [Year]. Recent months have seen a surge in the show’s viewership on Netflix in the UK.

Who is the film’s director, if you don’t mind my asking?

Suzi Ewing was the one in charge of directing the film.

What kind of music is “10×10” considered to be?

“10×10” is a psychological thriller, which is a subgenre of the thriller genre.

What part does Kelly Reilly play in the movie you’re talking about?

Kelly Reilly plays the main role of Cathy, which is a leading role in the film.

How did the audience react to the movie when they watched it on Netflix UK?

“10×10” has been an enormous success for Netflix UK, earning plaudits from viewers and becoming a topic of conversation on many different social media platforms.

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  1. My daughter and I are huge Yellowstone fans. Kelly Reilly is an extremely wonderful actress. We have watched 10×10 and she gets 5 stars again for her performance in the movie. Looking forward to see her in the future. She deserves every award she can get.


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