Yellowstone star Lainey Wilson talks about how she feels about the end of the hit show

Few TV shows have touched people’s hearts as much as “Yellowstone.” Taylor Sheridan’s engrossing drama has taken viewers on a roller coaster ride of feelings thanks to its interesting characters and stunning storylines. Fans are excited to see how Taylor Sheridan will tie up all the loose ends at the end of the show, which is becoming more and more popular.

During the CMT Music Awards, rising music star Lainey Wilson said some interesting things about how she thinks the popular TV show “Yellowstone” will end. In this piece, we dig deep into what Lainey Wilson has told us and look at the different ways the show could end.

The Movie and Music Business, According to Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson talked about her time in both the movie and singing business at the CMT Singing Awards. As a skilled musician and rising star, she has seen how both worlds work from the inside out. Wilson said that the film business is “crazier” than the music business. This shows how serious Hollywood is and how hard it is to make stories come to life on the big screen. This gives us a glimpse of the kind of mind that might be able to predict the path of a show as complicated and deep as “Yellowstone.”

Taylor Sheridan is a master at telling stories.

Before we get into Lainey Wilson’s predictions, it’s important to know who the mind behind “Yellowstone” is: Taylor Sheridan. As the show’s author, Sheridan has shown that he is a master storyteller, able to weave together interesting stories that keep people watching episode after episode. His past works, like “Sicario,” “Hell or High Water,” and “Wind River,” show that he can write complex stories that make people think. This skill will definitely show up in the big finish of “Yellowstone.”

What Will Happen at the End of “Yellowstone”?

Now, let’s look at what Lainey Wilson has to say about how she thinks “Yellowstone” will end. Wilson didn’t give out any specifics, but she did hint at a few things that could change the story-

A Hard-Won Victory

One possible ending for the show is a win that is both good and bad for the Dutton family. Throughout the series, they’ve had to deal with a lot of problems, so it seems likely that they’ll win in the end. But this win might come with a big price that will change the family for good.

A Betrayal That Was Unexpected

“Yellowstone” is full of shocking story twists, and Wilson hinted that the Duttons might be surprised by a betrayal. This could come from someone they don’t expect, which would turn the whole story on its head and leave fans speechless.

A sequence of flashbacks

Another interesting idea is a flashforward scene that shows what will happen to the Dutton family in the future. This way of telling a story could bring an end to different plot lines and give a good end to the characters’ arcs.

The End Leaves You Hanging

Since the show likes to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, a surprise ending is not impossible. Such an ending would keep people interested in possible spin-offs or sequels, which would keep the “Yellowstone” world alive.


In the end, Lainey Wilson’s thoughts on how “Yellowstone” ends have made fans eager to see how this amazing series ends. As we wait for the final episodes, it’s important to enjoy Taylor Sheridan’s great writing, which has made “Yellowstone” a TV phenomenon.

People have been interested in the show from the start because of how well it captures the spirit of the American West, how complicated its characters are, and how exciting its plots are. And Lainey Wilson’s interesting hints have made the last pages of “Yellowstone” even more exciting to read.

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